Fractional Sales Leadership

Unlock strategic guidance, performance analysis, and coaching at a fraction of the cost of an FTE

In a competitive business landscape, achieving sales success requires more than just a talented team—it demands strategic leadership that can navigate challenges, drive growth, and maximize efficiency. However, for your company, hiring a full-time executive leader is a significant financial burden, especially if you are a startup or SMB. That's where Fractional Sales Leadership steps in as a game-changing solution. It's the art of accessing experienced sales leadership at a fraction of the cost of a full-time executive.

  • Financial Efficiency: Optimize your budget by accessing top-tier sales leadership on a flexible basis.
  • Expertise and Experience: Tap into the expertise of a seasoned sales leaders who bring fresh perspectives and proven strategies.
  • Strategic Excellence: Elevate your sales strategy, planning, and execution with fractional guidance.
  • Training and Development: Enhance your sales team's capabilities and foster a culture of continuous improvement.
  • Cultivate a Sales Culture: Instill a culture of sales excellence throughout your organization.

The Role of Fractional Executive Leadership in Business Success

Fractional Sales Leadership is part of a broader strategy known as fractional executive leadership. This approach is gaining traction in the competitive marketplace, offering specialized expertise to companies that need top-notch leadership without the budget, or desire for full-time executives.

Fractional executive leadership encompasses roles such as sales leadership, marketing leadership, financial leadership, and operations leadership. These professionals, like me, provide their expertise to companies seeking success.

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Here is How My Fractional Service Works

Navigating Our Partnership Journey through three easy steps and ready to go in as little as a week.

Discovery & Alignment
Before we embark on this exciting journey together, let's ensure our visions are perfectly aligned. We kick things off with an insightful Assessment Interview, where we delve into your objectives and assess how my expertise can bring your goals to life. The best part? There's no cost for this preliminary assessment activity—it's all about exploring possibilities.
Crafting Success Together
Once our visions align seamlessly, it's time to formalize our collaboration. We'll craft a tailored Engagement Model that outlines our shared objectives, the scope of our partnership, and the roadmap for success. Expect clear contracts to be drawn up and sent your way for a signature, ensuring a structured and productive journey ahead.
Progress & Prosperity
As our partnership blossoms, we'll keep things transparent and straightforward. Invoices will be provided for the exceptional services rendered, keeping you informed every step of the way. Should you wish to extend our collaboration or explore additional services, the door is always open for further opportunities to prosper together.

Choosing Fractional over FTE

Unlike traditional full-time sales executives with big base salaries, benefits, bonuses ,commissions and a huge chunk of your cap table, fractional sales leaders provide businesses with a flexible and cost-effective resourcing solution.

Experienced Leadership: Fractional sales leaders typically bring a wealth of experience from diverse industries and organizations. They leverage this experience to provide fresh perspectives and innovative strategies to your executive team.

Part-Time Engagement: We work part-time or on a contractual basis, allowing you to access our expertise without the financial commitment of a full-time hire.

Strategic Vision: Fractional sales leaders excel in strategic planning because our experience spans numerous companies in the same boat as you. You benefit from what worked (or what failed) elsewhere. We help identify target markets, design effective sales processes, and develop actionable sales plans aligned with your organization's goals.

The Value Continues

Scalability: As your business grows, fractional sales leaders can adjust their engagement model to provide you with additional resources when you need them most. Remember, scalability also goes both ways.

Objective Perspective: An external perspective free from internal biases (and comp plans) provides clarity and direction without all the bull$hit. Fractional sales leaders act as your trusted advisor, offering unbiased advice, untainted by internal politics.

Quick Implementation: We are known for our ability to onboard quickly, swiftly implement effective sales strategies and processes, delivering immediate impact and saving significant time compared to traditional full-time hires.

When Fractional Sales Leadership DOESN'T make sense

There are some times when it doesn't make sense to hire Matthew as your fractional sales leader.

Niche Industry Expertise
In industries with highly specialized or intricate products or services, a Fractional Sales Leader might lack the specific expertise needed to understand and effectively sell your offerings. In such cases, industry-specific certifications & knowledge could be crucial.

This is one of the reasons I focus primarily the technology sector.
Inflexible Budgets
While Fractional Sales Leaders offer cost-efficient solutions, organizations with extremely limited budgets may still find it challenging to accommodate their fees, especially if alternative options or in-house hires are financially more viable.

We can get creative with the accounting, but you need to be able to shift your budgets.
Unclear Objectives
Without a clear understanding of your organization's sales & revenue goals, challenges, and expectations, engaging a Fractional Sales Leader can be less effective. Success relies on precise alignment between their expertise and your objectives.

Wasting time equals wasting money and my assessment phase should flush this out.

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